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Cleaning of pipe filters
Dec 17, 2016
1, the filter cleaning time backwashing sewage

Regular cleaning sewage, can set the time for 2-24 hours of action. When the time to time, the electric actuator to open the sewage valve, filter for 30-60 seconds, then the electric actuator will turn the butterfly valve to rotate 90 ° to block the filter position, change the flow path, backwash sewage 30-60 seconds. Turn the butterfly valve to reset, continue to drain 3-5 seconds, and then close the sewage outfall.

2, pressure control sewage

Pressure controller action value can be set to 0.03-0.07MPa, when the pressure difference before and after the filter reaches the differential pressure controller set value, the pressure controller action, filter sewage valve open, 30-60 seconds to end, turn Butterfly valve reset, continue to drain 3-5 seconds, close the drain valve.

3, manual control

Through the control box on the button, can directly control the cleaning, sewage.

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