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Negative pressure filter product introduction
Dec 17, 2016

Negative pressure filter for small-capacity research, hospitals, laboratories and other units, the clarification of a variety of liquid sterilization, the filter is particularly applicable to a variety of microporous membrane, vacuum pumps and air compressors can do matching filter And pressure filtration, but also and supporting the use of mercury in general, to achieve the advantages of a machine. In this case,

Negative pressure filter inside by a number of (depending on the number of flow) filter unit that is composed of filter, the air through the inlet and the filter outer vents into the filter, each filter by the role of multi-layer filter material composition , Impurity containing air through the interception, gravity, inertia, impact and other effects of impurities by the structure to slow down its speed, in its own gravity under the action of the settlement at the bottom of the filter and is regularly excluded, that is, for filtering purposes. The filter can be more than 10 micron particles were blocked interception. In this case,

Negative pressure filter with porous glass as the membrane support pad, which can ensure that the particles are retained in the filter membrane surface evenly distributed, it is particularly suitable for the collection and counting of particles. Another type of stainless steel mesh with PTFE coating as a filter support pad, suitable for the collection of filtration fluid, such as particle removal applications such as samples. When filtering viscous liquids, it is also advisable to use this type of filter for easier cleaning.