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The constant pressure water replenishment device uses the advanced automatic control system movement
Dec 17, 2016

Saving the expansion of ordinary floor-type expansion tank volume expansion of the capsule by the contraction of expansion to achieve the effective use of the tank volume is only the total volume of 20% to 30% of the tank, the tank is relatively large, and constant pressure water replenishment using special Technical measures.

The expansion of the part and the pressure regulator part of the set, the majority of the system expansion can be stored in the isolated expansion of the device, the volume of the equipment utilization rate of 90% or more, so the whole volume, height greatly reduced, saving 50% to 60% of the land. Easy to equipment layout, installation, but also saves the engine room of the construction costs.

The constant pressure water supply unit adopts the advanced automatic control system. It has the functions of double pump alternating operation and accident leakage double pump running simultaneously. It has the features of low water level protection and anti-pressure instability to ensure the safe and stable operation of the device.