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Type of pipe filter
Dec 17, 2016
Low cost, long life, no need to replace; automatic high-pressure backwashing, high efficiency; low consumption of cleaning water, low cost, high efficiency, low cost, Saving energy; small footprint; high degree of automation, remote control can be achieved; through the pipeline filter can only be marked by the nameplate above the rated voltage / frequency use; from time to time to deal with filter maintenance. Before cleaning and maintenance, please be sure to disconnect the self-cleaning filter power; Make sure the wire plug is not wet in the cleaning or the power must be re-plugged before the dry; can not be unplug the power cord with wet hands; If the filter is damaged, especially when the power cord is damaged, make sure that the self-cleaning filter is working at the correct water level and that the filter can not be used without water. Do not use the filter without permission. Dismantled or repaired, in order to avoid danger or cause damage to the body, maintenance should be carried out by professionals.