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Y-type stainless steel filter works and detailed parameters
Dec 17, 2016
Y-type stainless steel filter Overview:

Y-type filter for water, oil, gas pipelines and a variety of equipment on an indispensable device, it is mainly in the tube to remove the medium to protect the reduction

Pressure valve, pressure relief valve, set the water level valves and pumps and other equipment to achieve normal operation. Please install the installation at the entrance, the general use of water filters 10 ~

30 mesh / cm2, with a gas filter with 40 to 100 mesh / cm2, oil filter with 60 to 200 mesh / cm2.

Stainless steel Y-type filter works:

The product installed in the inlet pipe in the front of the valve supporting the first when the media in the pipeline into the filter, the media through the filter into the connected

Then the valve, and impurities are left in the filter barrel, so that all kinds of valves will not be due to mechanical debris stuck into the ring and failure.