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Application Of Basket Filter In Beer Production
Dec 17, 2016

The problem of beer suspension has been the technical problem and focus of the brewery, and its research is a set of theory and practice in a subject. It is a long and complicated task to explore the mechanism of the formation of beer suspensions, to study methods for identifying suspended solids and beer precipitates, and to identify the composition of suspended solids in order to solve this technical problem. For the technical staff in the enterprise, in the appropriate process to strengthen the filter, to avoid suspended solids into the wine, is an effective way to solve the problem.

Liquid basket filter in the domestic food and beverage industry well-known manufacturers have been widely used and popularized, it is a closed filter system, divided into single-basket, double-basket and multi-basket and other forms. Its working principle is the use of pressure filtration. The basket filter consists of three parts: filter containers, support basket and filter basket; as the activities of the magnet is optional accessories, free to match according to specific circumstances. The liquid to be filtered flows from the top of the basket supported by the support basket so that the liquid is uniformly distributed throughout the filter surface and a uniform distribution of the flow distribution throughout the filter medium is maintained without the negative effect of turbulence. Liquid flows from the inside of the filter basket, and the impurity particles remain inside the filter basket. Replacing the filter basket does not contaminate the downstream of the liquid, and it is easy to clean the filter system. Filter basket with handle design, quick and easy replacement basket. Most filter containers are made of high-quality carbon steel or 304,316 stainless steel, and custom-designed multi-basket filter vessels for flow requirements.