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Basket Filter Applications In The Project Which The Advantages
Dec 17, 2016

Basket filter is also used in the pipeline which is a very common filter, which is mainly composed of: cylinder, filter blue, flanges, fasteners and other components, which can effectively filter all kinds of impurities in the pipeline, so that The back of the mechanical or valve to the normal operation of the specified process.

Basket filter filter area than the diameter of the area of about 3 times, and we commonly used Y-type filter, T-type filter is much larger than the process area, the internal filter and the ordinary Y-type filter Compared to a relatively large difference, the internal filter shape such as a basket, so called basket filters, basket filters, post-maintenance only need to remove the internal removal of the filter bucket, clean and re-load that is Can be very convenient, widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, power plants and other fields, for the protection of pipeline safety, to avoid impurities in equipment or valves which make it longer life.