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Basket Strainer Stable Process To Ensure Production Safety
Sep 29, 2017

What is the name of the Basket Strainer? In fact, it is the same as the filter basket, Basket Strainer in many filters which can be regarded as the leader, it is a precision filter is the best. Basket Strainer there are two other names, respectively, tube filter and barrel filter, if you see these two names, in fact, is the Basket Strainer.

The Basket Strainer is composed of pipe, cylinder, filter basket, flange, flange cover and fasteners, etc., generally installed in the pipeline, mainly filter some fine particles, thus protecting the compressor, pump, instrument can be normal Work and operation, to achieve a stable process to ensure the safety of production. Basket Strainer in the cleaning is relatively simple, the general workflow is the case, when the liquid into the Basket Strainer than the filter after the large particles were intercepted, and filtered more clean liquid from the filter It is necessary to clean the filter cartridge and remove it simply. It is easy to rinse it. This efficient and simple Basket Strainer is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medicine, food, environmental protection and other industries.

Then the specific Basket Strainer is in these areas how to be widely used? The following sections provide a brief description of the specific aspects of Basket Strainer applications.

A brief introduction to the scope of application of Basket Strainer: chemical, petrochemical production of weak corrosive materials; chemical production of corrosive materials; refrigeration in the low-temperature materials; light industry food, pharmaceutical production in the health requirements of the material; A variety of special processes such as high efficiency filters. Also note that the Basket Strainer in the selection of the time, first of all to their own equipment to understand, select the equipment for the Basket Strainer, do not blindly choose.

The main role of the Basket Strainer is to install the pipe in the air, liquid dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt and other solid impurities filter to protect the regulator in the measurement, pressure and other equipment, can work and run, the stability process to ensure Production safety. The Basket Strainer has a large dirt volume and a small loss of resistance, extending the maintenance cycle.

Basket Strainer mainly by the take over, cylinder, filter basket, flange, blind plate cover and fasteners and other components. Basket Strainer with high reliability and safety, filter basket can be cleaned, easy maintenance; shorten the equipment maintenance cycle, save replacement parts of high cost; filter for fast hoop structure.

Basket Strainer works:

When the liquid enters the basket through the cylinder, the solid impurity particles are clogged in the filter basket and the fluid is washed through the filter basket and discharged from the filter outlet. When cleaning is required, unscrew the pipe at the bottom of the plug, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, clean and reload it.

Basket Strainer performance description:

70% of the rated flow of the filter can meet the maximum flow conditions;

2. Filter element is stainless steel, resistant to moderate corrosion, corrosion resistance, easy to clean;

3. Filter element can be used filter precision 5 micron filter (made of stainless steel braid), particle filtration efficiency of more than 5 microns above 99.9%;

4. Sealing structure without leakage, sealing material resistant to natural gas composition in the corrosion composition, fire, insulation;

5. The filter has a field differential display and a differential pressure transmitter with a liquid crystal display, indicating whether the filter element needs to be cleaned.

Basket Strainer in the transport, installation, use precautions

Basket Strainer in the transport, installation and use of the process, according to the requirements to ensure the use of results. Various filters are used for a period of time, because the filter surface to capture dust, so that the efficiency and resistance of the filter down, affecting the cleanliness of the air supply, this time need to replace the filter.

Before the Basket Strainer is installed, it is not allowed to open the bag or packaging film; it is marked as the direction of the cartridge filter; in the process, it is light and light to avoid severe vibration and collision.