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Efficient Automatic Recoil And Leak Self-closing Stack Prefilters
Dec 17, 2016

There are three methods of flushing the filter: recoil, recoil and siphon. The rinse of the filter prior to passage is made by opening the flushing valve at the bottom of the filter to allow water to rinse the surface of the filter for contaminant contamination. Recoil pre-filter flushing is to open the flushing valve to change the flow of water from the inside to the outside, to remain in the net surface, and the impurities from the sewage discharge outlet. Siphon-type pre-filter flushing is to open the flushing valve, so that the water flow around the filter to form a negative pressure and turbulent flow of water, the filter surface impurities through the siphon into the sewage pipe was washed off. Three ways to backwash the best, but the structure is complex. In the case of poor water quality, the filter pre-filter is easy to plug, difficult to clean dirt, not only will not plug the small impurities out, and embedded in the filter deeper, tighter, easily lead to two pollution, and finally can only be used To open the shell with a filter to scrub with a brush.