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Pipeline Filters Meet The Needs Of Small Towns Sewage Filtration
Dec 17, 2016

Pipeline filters not only the water level of the world's wells are declining, and the water is also contaminated, and sometimes can not drink to the extent. For all of these reasons, we need a pipeline filter to protect and restore our water quality. At present, water is becoming a very important and scarce resource that is involved in national security matters. There are both quantitative and qualitative problems in freshwater and severe imbalance in aquatic ecosystems. The world is facing a severe water crisis, a direct crisis in the survival and development of mankind. In the future, the country will also water and environmental protection and sustainable development as a key, so the pipeline filter tomorrow will be even better! Pipeline filter through the inlet and outlet pressure drop to determine the cleaning time, when the pressure reaches the set value, the The cleaning process will continue for 20 to 60 seconds. After the cleaning is completed, the sewage valve will be closed and the motor will stop. The system will return to its original state and prepare for the next filtration process. The water supply is not interrupted.