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Tubular Strict Clean Up
Aug 09, 2017

Tubular argon argon welding operation, often appear stomatal, folder tungsten and other defects, which with the operating practices, welding angle has a great relationship. This article describes some of the operating tips and operational considerations to avoid welding defects as much as possible to obtain the most beautiful welds.

1, prepared before welding

pipe groove 20mm range of internal and external surface by hand wheel, wire brush, emery cloth and other strict clean, revealing metallic luster, no oil, rust and other dirt. To ensure that the wire surface clean and smooth, bevel blunt thickness left 1 ~ 1.5mm.

The purity of argon used in welding should be greater than 99.7%, the nozzle with a diameter of Φ8 ~ 10mm cylindrical or convergent shaped ceramic nozzle, the choice of Φ2.5mm cerium tungsten, the end of grinding into a taper, tungsten protruding length 6 ~ 9mm. Wire selection of 2.5mm H08Mn2SiA, the E5015 electrode drying, into the insulation tube in reserve.

group and positioning welding

pipe group on the positioning, to strictly control the amount of wrong side, the group of the gap: the welding part of about 3mm, flat welding parts in the 4mm or so, the wrong side of the amount of not more than 1mm.

in the clock 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 8 o'clock positioning welding, the length of each positioning of the weld is about 10mm, weld thickness control in the 2mm or so, the root of the weld is part of the weld,Tubular the process requirements and formal Welding the same, to prevent the occurrence of cracks and welding process shrinkage deformation is too large.

positioning after welding carefully check the positioning of the weld, such as cracks, stomata and other defects, the application of hand wheel will be clear the positioning of the weld, re-positioning welding.

Locating the ends of the welds into slopes to facilitate joint operation.

playing the bottom of the operation

gun action and operating angle: welding operation generally left hand grip wire, right hand grip gun, in order to enhance the stability of the operation can use the right hand thumb contact wall as a fulcrum for welding; the use of internal thread and external continued wire two methods. Arc length to maintain between 2 ~ 4mm,Tubular in order to protect the protection effect, without affecting the welder's line of sight under the premise of the nozzle and the angle of the weldment maintained at 70 ° ~ 85 °, wire and nozzle angle is generally 80 ° ~ 90 °