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90° Elbow

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101412    90°Elbow

1-1/2"Slip joint ,PP/BK or WT;
1-1/2" Slip joint ,PVC/WT;

101413    90° Elbow

1-1/2"Slip joint & direct connect, PP/BK or WT;
1-1/2" Slip joint & direct connect, PVC/WTor ABS/BK;

101414    90° Elbow

1-1/2"Slip joint & solvent,PVC/WT or ABS/BK;

90°    Elbow

1-1/2" slip joint & IPS outlet,ABS /BK or PVC/WT;

101416    90° Elbow

1-1/2"direct connect& IPS outlet,ABS /BK or PVC/WT;

Mainly competitive in its excellent quality and top design, welcome to buy the high quality 90° elbow made in China from Ierda Industry. We have a productive factory at your service which also offers the customized service of the products for you.

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